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[CIM/Sys. Definition] What is a Solid Type?


What is a Solid (Body Type or Member Type)?



The basic model elements of CIM consist of points, lines, faces, surfaces, and solid elements.


If the solid feature is applied to a region closed with faces or surfaces, it is considered as a solid element with Body Type properties.

By connecting the Property(Common) dialog box in the Body Type properties, the property can be changed to a Member Type(3D Member).

The differences between the two properties are as follows:

Body type 
: Solid elements with shape properties

Member Type
: Solid elements with added specific unit information of shape properties + CIM model.

1. Structural analysis type can be assigned.
2. Section material and material properties can be assigned.
3. Reinforcement is available for concrete.
4. Welding and bolt joints can be set for steel structures.


Figure. 1 Solid Elements of Body Type

Figure. 2 Solid Element of Body Type → Member Type Change


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