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Can a modeling file be performed for the analysis of permanent and seismic conditions?


Can a modeling file be performed for the analysis of permanent and seismic conditions?



 Using the 'Boundary Change Assignment to Load Cases/Analyses', it is possible to apply different boundary conditions according to the analysis conditions and perform analyses with them within a single model.

 When designing a structure, usually both the permanent and seismic conditions are considered, and the structural analysis is performed to find the maximum member forces for the most unfavorable load combinations. In such cases, as the structural behavior of the structure under permanent and seismic conditions can be different, it is necessary to apply different boundary conditions. Additionally, there may be a need to set different boundary conditions for each load case, or to change the cross-sectional stiffness of the structure.

 So far, as the boundary conditions or the cross-sectional stiffness may differ within the same model, each condition requires separate analyses for each changed condition, which can be burdensome. 

  For such cases, CIVIL provides a function called 'Boundary Change Assignment to Load Cases/Analysis' that allows applying different boundary conditions to each load case based on the analysis condition within the same model, enabling to perform analysis and obtain member forces within a single modeling file. Since different boundary conditions can be applied based on the loading conditions, it is very convenient when the boundary conditions for static and dynamic analysis are different, or when it is necessary to analyze the behavior of a bridge differently according to the loading conditions.

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