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[CIM/Base] How to use the Export 3D PDF feature


I would like to convert the 3D Modeling file into a 3D PDF file.



The 3D Modeling file can be converted to a 3D PDF using Export - 3D PDF under the File menu.


This feature converts the 3D Modeling file in CIM into a 3D PDF file.

Let’s look at the example below.


1) Select 3D PDF under File Menu > Export > 3D PDF.
2) A portion or the whole model can be selected through Select Target.
3) Option is used to select the part to export as a Solid in 3D Modeling.

Figure. 1 When using the 3D PDF Export feature

Figure. 2 Created 3D PDF file


This function is different from the 3D PDF drawings that are integrated with the drawings using CAD INFRA-DESIGN.

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