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[CIM/Base] How to use the Export IFC feature


I would like to export the 3D Modeling file as an IFC file.



You can convert through the Export - IFC tab of the File Menu.

The 3D Modeling file can be converted to an IFC using Export - IFC under the File menu. This feature converts the 3D Modeling file in CIM(*.cimz) into *.ifc file.

An IFC file is a neutral format (file extension) that enables compatibility and view with third-party softwares.

The figure below shows a comparison between the *.cimz file created in CIM and the *.ifc file created using the Export IFC feature.

Figure. 1 3D MODELING (*.cimz)

Figure. 2 3D MODELING (*.ifc)


Please refer to the manual for a detailed explanation on the Geometry Type option.

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