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[CIM/BASE] Registering and Using the CIM Library


Where can I get the library to use in modeling?



CIM provides a library that can be immediately used in CIM.


The library can be downloaded from the Library Tab on the CIM website Library Tab 

The user can check the specifications and outline of each library in the library registration window.

When the user imports the downloaded library from CIM, the user can check the LOD 200-300 level model applied to CIM Ver 1.0.

1. How to download from the CIM website

① Go to the CIM website 

② Go to Library Download in the Library page.

③ Expand the Library Tree list and select an available Library.

④ Download the corresponding Library.

2. How to import the library that was downloaded from the CIM website

① Open and start CIM after registering the name of the new file.

② Import the Library, as needed, through Base > Library > (Point, Curve, Assembly Unit) 

③ Enables the Works Tree dialog window. Click the Work Tree icon in CIM or click the shortcut key of (Alt + ‘).

④ Go to the third tab of the Works Tree to check the imported library.

⑤ When the user right-click on the library, an additional dialog window opens. Select Modify to enter the Library
    Mode with the imported library. 

3. How to register a library from the CIM Library Catalog

When installing CIM for the first time, the library provided by CIM is stored as a catalog list.

These Libraries can be selected and imported for modeling purposes, and the libraries stored in the CIM Ver 1.0 Catalog can be used in the same way as the libraries posted on the CIM website.

However, the library posted on the product website makes it easier to check the description and specification of the library.

① Start CIM, and register the name of the same file.

② Click Catalog under Base Mode> Library

③ Select the library to use from the list of structural units.

④ Click the thumbnail shown in the Library that the user wants to apply to the model.

⑤ The contents that can be imported are displayed in the right auxiliary window and are automatically
     imported when the item is selected.

The SC-Pier model, which is in the Point Library, has been imported.

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