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[CIM/Infor-Base] Understanding Dependent Space in Assembly Unit mode


Is it possible to assign the same library at once to an Assembly Unit Mode consisting of multiple Connected Spaces?



You can use a Dependent Space, which is a space that connects multiple Connected Spaces, to assign the same library at once to an Assembly Unit Mode consisting of multiple Connected Spaces.


If the Assembly Unit Mode is divided into multiple Connected Spaces, a new space that connects the Connected Spaces is needed. For example, to apply different skew to the girders at each span in a bridge, you can create a Connected Space and assign the Girder Curve Library to each Connected Space.

However, libraries such as slabs, pavement, and protective walls that need to be assigned at once without dividing them into Connected Spaces can be assigned using Dependent Space.
(New feature added to CIM V150)


What is a Dependent Space?
The Dependent Space generated in the Assembly Unit mode is a new space that connects multiple Connected Spaces.


Function description

Assembly Unit mode > Assembly Unit tab > Constraint Entity > Space

Figure 1. Creating a Dependent Space


  • Dependent Space changes its length depending on the length of the connected space it is created between, as it only selects the beginning and end connected spaces at the time of creation.
  • Dependent Space can have Align Type settings different from Connected Space.

Figure 2. Created Dependent Space

  • Example of modeling using Connected Space and Dependent Space:

Video 1. Example of using Dependent Space

  • In the video, a Connected Space was created to assign PSC Box, and Default Space and Connected-1 were assigned PSC Box respectively.
  • Then, a Dependent Space that connects Default Space and Connected-1 was created to assign protective walls and pavement to that space.
  • The length of the Dependent Space changes according to the changes in the length of the Connected Space it depends on.
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