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[CIM/Infor-Base] Example of User Section Create through DWG / DXF Import


Can I create a section using 2D dwg information in CIM?



DWG / DXF Import function allows you to utilize DWG files in User Section mode.



The user section shape input method is as follows.
ㆍA method to directly input using the mouse cursor on the screen by direct draw
ㆍA method to create a section by inputting the specifications of the shape provided through
    the Insert template shape
ㆍA method to create a section through the Select Edge function by importing DWG/DXF Way


The figure below is an example of User Section creation by DWG/DXF Import.

Figure. 1 PSC BOX branch ( DWG / DXF Import) Figure. 2 PSC BOX branch (Section Shape)


  • Create a cross section of the point part of the PSC BOX through the DWG / DXF Import function. (Figure. 1)
  • Among the Section Shape functions, Make Face creates a closed face for the partial section of the PSC BOX. (Figure. 2)
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