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[CIM/Infor-Base] I would like to know how to assign multiple Point Library models in Base Mode.


Is there a way to assign Point Library models all at once in Base Mode?



When assigning Point Library models, they can be assigned in multiple by utilizing the Coordinate Table in Base Mode.



Multiple bridge bearings and piers can be placed at once.


The Point Library is a collection of point-based models defined with the origin of space as the reference point for assignment.
Therefore, to assign the Point Library to the
upper mode, you need to specify the location where the object will be assigned.
When directly assigning the Point Library to Base Mode, the Coordinate Table function can be used to assign multiple Point Library models to the desired locations with the desired angles.


The Coordinate Table function assigns Point Library based on the following three pieces of information.
ㆍX, Y, Z coordinates where the object will be assigned
ㆍAngle (direction) at the assigned position
ㆍAxis of rotation for the object


Figure 1. Assignment of Point Library using Coordinate Table function



When assigning a Point Library, it is also possible to assign multiple points by selecting them using the "By Select" function. However, in this case, there is the hassle of having to create Constraint Points in advance for the assignment, and the angles of the assigned Point Libraries are applied uniformly.


Figure 2. Assignment of Point Library using By Select function
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