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[CIM/Infor-Base] Property(Common) Check Section Properties


Where can I check the attribute information of the section?



f you click a member, the Property window containing the section property information is activated.


You can check the information defined in the object as a summary in the Property (Common) window.
If you select the member of the model below, the property information of the section is displayed.

Figure. 1 Property(Common) Dialog


Property (Common) Function Maunal
Object Classification
  Check the member name, structural/non-structural behavior, quantity calculation type, and material.

Structure Group (Group)
  Designate the group to be set when creating an analysis model with CIVIL.

  Based on the contents preset in the work type, it is classified into the field composition required
  for the quantity calculation aggregation table.
    Using the Work Type (Preliminary Step for Quantity Calculation)

Geometry information
  It shows the type and coordinate information of the geometric shape, and when the coordinate
  is changed, it is changed correspondingly.

Solid Geometry (Solid)
  Shows the area or volume of a model of solid geometry. It is possible to check the approximate
  quantity accordingly.

  The color and texture of the section can be displayed according to the classification.

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