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[CIM/Infor-Base] Property(Shape) Checking and Modifying Section Properties


Where can I check the shape information of the section?



If you click a part, the Property window is activated, and you can check the shape information in the Shape Tab.


You can check the shape contents defined in the section as summarized contents in the Property(Shape) window.

If you select a model member that has shape information, the section property information is displayed in
Property > Shape (Tab).

Figure. 1 Property(Shape) Start Point Section Information Dialog


Figure. 2 Property(Shape) End Point section information dialog


Property (Shape) Function Manual
Tapered member & Section

Select the cross section member creation check box and the shape of the section.
In case of a side section member, enter the section information to create a side section in Start Point and End Point Tap.
figure. 1 is the cross section start point section information and figure. 2, the end point section information of the side section is input.
You can change section information in the user environment.

Local Axis
Sets the placement location and orientation of the section relative to the part centerline. Depending on the setting position of the Cardinal Point, it is also reflected in the analysis linkage model in this way.

Additional Offset
Local y, z additional separation distance can be added from the Cardinal Point position of the local axis.

Shape Variation
This option appears when setting the Tapered member Check Box On, and defines the connection shape for the starting and ending point connections.
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