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[CIM/Infor-Base] Why Define User Section?


Why is modeling using the User Section?



If you use User Section, you can define section information independently, making it easy to modify the model collectively. Because it has a huge advantage in creating analytical models.



User Section is used to create an object by defining section information as a single piece of information.
Objects created by using User Section in CIM are  Path Linked Entity and General Member.


The use of User Section in CIM has two meanings.

1. It is easy to manage and edit by independently defining the section information in the shape.

Figure. 1 Batch model modification through parameter editing


Figure. 1 is an example of collectively modifying the PSC Box Section, which is divided into several segments, through parameter modification.
The road pavement and firewall that are linked with the PSC Box Girder's parameters have been collectively modified.

From the example above, you can see that editing and management of the model is easy when you have the information of the section independently.


2. The CIM model created through User Section is created by sharing section property information with
    the CIVIL Model.


Figure. 2 CIM Properties (User Section)


Figure. 3 Sharing section properties in CIVIL Model Section Data

As shown in the figure above, section-based modeling of CIM has a great advantage in generating analysis models because the section information defined in CIM is utilized in CIVIL.

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