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[CIM/Infor-Base] Curve Library is not assigned to Assembly Unit.


Curve Library is not assigned to Assembly Unit ([Error] Failed to create Entity)



Check the placement of the Constraint Plane.


If the location of the Constraint Plane is out of the range of the Path, the Curve Library cannot be assigned.

Let's take a 20m long Curve Library as an example.
A Plane is formed at 15m above the Default Constraint Path by Distance, and Path Linked Entities are created on both sides of this Plane.


Because it is set to By Distance, this Plane will be placed at 15m from the starting point when assigned.


However, when this Curve Library is assigned to a 10m long Assembly Unit, the library is not assigned with an error message as shown below.



The reason is that a 15m distance plane cannot be defined on a 10m path as shown in the figure below.


To solve this problem, set the plan to By Ratio instead of By Distance so that it is allocated according to the ratio, or increase the length of the path to be allocated in Assembly Unit Mode to secure the location where the Plane will be placed.




By Distance and By Ratio settings can be changed in Alignment in the Plane Settings window.

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