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[CIM/Rebar] Is there a way to arbitrarily modify the rebar?


Is it possible to arbitrarily modify reinforcing bars using the Feature/Edit function?



Use the Rebar Group Edit function.



In CIM, reinforcing bars are basically created by referring to the lines and points of the section, so editing through the Feature/Edit function is not possible.
However, if you use the Regroup/Ungroup function, you can use Feature/Edit functions such as Move and Copy because reinforcing bar information is deleted except for the minimum information.
CIM provides rebar drawing methods for various environments. The function of Rebar Group Edit guides how to edit and use the created rebars.

In an atypical structure, there is a point where it is difficult to deploy only with a function that is formally provided.

It is useful to use the Rebar Group Edit
function to separate and regroup grouped reinforcing bars, or when rebars that require length correction of some of the grouped reinforcing bars occur.


In order to use Rebar Group Edit only rebars created through the Draw Rebar function can use the following function
Rebar Ungroup
: Ungroup rebar (rebar information disappears and changes to a wire component.)
Rebar Regoup
: Change wire to reinforcing bar (You can have minimal information such as name and diameter that defines shape.
Rebar Regoup Property records only the initial shape information, and information that can be used later is not given.) 
Since the regrouped reinforcing bar has only shape information, it is possible to change the diameter and length information, but the cover position or bending radius value does not change according to the rebar specification according to the diameter change.

The following example is an example of changing to a wire component using the Rebar Ungroup function in modeling in which lateral reinforcing bars are developed, and re-setting them to rebar with Rebar Regoup after editing some lines.

image-20220406-025743.png image-20220406-025805.png
Figure. 1 Rebar modeling
(before Rebar Ungroup)
Figure. 2 Rebar modeling
(when Rebar Ungroup is executed)


The function of Rebar Ungroup is to explode the rebar properties such as hook, cover, and rebar array.
At this time, all information on the reinforcing bar disappears and is changed to the wire component. (Figure. 2)


Figure. 3 Rebar modeling
(when Rebar Regroup is executed)


Rebar Regroup function is a function to regroup by giving minimum information on a wire without information.
(Figure. 3)

Picture above. In 3, the length of the 4 left reinforcing bars was adjusted (Extended) and regrouped.

At this time, the length can be adjusted by changing the length component consisting of X, Y, and Z in the property window of Wire.

Convert to User Group

It also provides the Convert to User Group function, which performs Rebar Ungroup and Regroup at the same time.

If you select a reinforcing bar and apply Convert to User Group, it will be changed to a reinforcing bar with minimal information like the aforementioned Regroup.

In the case of user-grouped reinforcing bars, information related to the edge or vertex of the member section is lost. Rebar linkage is not performed according to the change in the section of the member.

However, user-grouped reinforcing bars can be directly modified and edited through Feature/Edit functions such as Move/Copy like general wires.

By utilizing these features, you can easily and quickly perform reinforcing reinforcement in areas that do not require rebar modeling or rebar interlocking of irregular members.


Free rebar editing with Rebar Convert to User Group
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