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[CIM/Rebar] How to Draw a Longitudinal Rebar in CIM ?


How to draw Longitudinal Rebar in CIM?



To draw vertical rebar, enter Draw Rebar Mode at the location where transverse rebar is drawn.



In CIM, except for the Independent Longitudinal Rebar, the rest of the longitudinal rebars are reinforcing bars that are drawn depending on the transverse rebar.
Therefore, to draw vertical rebars, you need to enter Draw Rebar Mode at the location of transverse rebars.

However, since Draw Rebar Mode is a working area in a 2D environment,
Even if the transverse reinforcing bar is visible by the view range set at the time of entry It should be noted that, unless it is a transverse rebar in the Rebar Draw Plane (section entering Rebar Mode), longitudinal rebar cannot be drawn.

Figure. 1 Differences in Draw Method between Longitudinal Rebar and Indenpendent Longitudinal Rebar

Figure. 2 When Draw Longitudinal Rebar is not in the Draw Plane of the transverse reinforcing bar

In this case, there are two ways to draw the longitudinal bars.

The first is to draw vertical rebar in Draw Plane where transverse rebar is drawn.
A representative method at this time is
<Figure. Cancel Array of transverse reinforcement as shown in 3 > or
<Figure. As shown in 4 >, you can draw the vertical reinforcement by finding the Draw Plane where the transverse reinforcement is drawn with the Start Plane Cover of the horizontal reinforcement set to 0m.

Figure. 3 Draw longitudinal bars after Cancel Array

Figure. 4 Change the Start Plane Cover to 0m and draw the longitudinal bars

The second  is to enter the Draw Rebar Mode where the transverse reinforcing bars are arranged.
A typical method is
<Figure. As shown in 5> select the transverse rebar to draw vertical rebar with the Select Rebar Plane function or
<Figure. As shown in 6>, Draw Rebar Mode is entered at the position of the transverse reinforcing bars arranged through the Plane (By Offset) function.

Figure. 5 Select Rebar Plane

Figure. 6 Plane(By Offset)

However, in the second method, the cross section drawn with the transverse rebar and the section drawn with the vertical rebar are different.
<Figure. As in 7>, if the position of the transverse reinforcing bar is placed in front of the draw plane of the longitudinal reinforcing bar, Longitudinal reinforcement is created from the first transverse reinforcement after Draw Plane, etc.

Longitudinal reinforcing bars may not respond as desired by the user to property changes such as covering of transverse reinforcing bars.

Figure. 7 Change of longitudinal reinforcement when the start cover plane of transverse reinforcement is changed

Therefore, draw the Longitudinal Rebar referring to the above two methods. Please draw by recognizing how longitudinal reinforcing bars work in CIM.


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