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The mct file cannot be imported.


The mct file cannot be imported.



Check the error message displayed on the Message Window when importing the MCT file and modify the MCT accordingly.


 The mct file is a file format that saves all information modeled in CIVIL in a text format. If an mct file created in a previous version or text saved in a Word file with mct format and imported into CIVIL, it may not be imported properly if the format does not match the current version. In this case, please check the following two items to modify the mct file and import it correctly.


1. When importing an mct file, check the Error Message displayed on the Message Window.

 If the format of the mct file is not consistent with the current version, it may not be imported properly when loading a text file saved in a previous version or saved in Word or PDF with an mct format. In this case, check the Error Message on the Message Window as shown in the image below to see which column of the mct file is causing the problem. Then, modify the mct file to match the existing format and import it again.


1) Import mct file / Check Message Window

-> Error occurs at Line 71

2) Check and modify mct file

-> Modify Line 71 (or delete)

3) Import the modified mct file

-> Import the modified mct file

2. Check if the version information is included in the MCT file.

 When executing an MCT file, the version information of CIVIL, which created the MCT file, is included at the top of the file. When importing an MCT file from a lower version of CIVIL into a higher version, the imported file checks the version information and loads it by compatible format. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the MCT file contains version information.

 If the MCT file cannot be imported because version information is not included, you can import it by specifying the version of CIVIL. In this case, the MCT format varies depending on the version, so you need to write the CIVIL version that was used when creating it.

 However, if you do not know the version information, you must use the MCT Command Shell to manually input the MCT data. The following is the procedure for using the MCT Command Shell.

1) [Tools] Tab > [Command Shell] Group > [MCT Command Shell] 
2) Copy the data from mct / Paste to MCT Command Shell
3) 'Run' MCT Command Shell and check the data

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