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[CAD ID] Add View Cutting (Cutting from the created section to create an additional section)


Is Cutting View only available in CIM?



When using the By Plane Tool in CIM to secure the visible range for 2D drawing output. You can also create additional sections in CAD INFRA-DESIGN.


Example) explains the process of creating a side view (Section A-A) of a pier using a pre-created pier front view.

Figure. 1 CIM By Plane Setting

It works with CAD INFRA-DESIGN by setting the visible range centering on the cross section that can be set in CIM.

Reference Link  [CIM] By Plane - How to Setup a 2D Section for Drawing Creation

Figure. 2 CIM View Mode

The CAD INFRA-DESIGN program is automatically executed, and the view is created by drawing the section set in CIM.

In the example in the description), a pier front view has been created.
The composition of CAD INFRA-DESIGN utilizes the CIM View model space and CAD function where information is shared with CIM. It is composed of CAD View model space that can be edited later.

Figure. 3 CAD INFRA-DESIGN Additional Section Setting Tool

This is a process to create a side view of a pier by using the pier front view.

In CIM View Mode > INFRA-DESIGN > Cutting View > Cutting View Cut the section to be additionally created.

Figure. 4 Set the CAD INFRA-DESIGN section creation range

Cut the set section based on the central part of the front view of the pier.


How to execute the function
Prefix Text [Section] : Section    (User can change)
Number [Alphabet(A)/Number(N)/Manual(M)] <A> : (You can set the character symbol)
Section name{Section A - A} : Section A – A  (Title of the section to be created.)
Specify first point : (Select the first point of the section to be cut.)
Specify next point : (Select the second point of the section to be cut.)

Figure. 5 CAD INFRA-DESIGN additional creation section

A side view of the pier has been created.

In order to create an additional section in the same way as in the example of the description), Please note that the additional section creation range is determined according to the visible range.

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