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[CAD ID] Section Copy (How to use Section)


Utilization of the same section, do I have to create a section every time in CIM's By Plan?



Sections created in conjunction with CIM and CAD INFRA-DESIGN can be copied and renamed, so it can be easily used when composing drawings with the same section.


For example, you can :

  • It can be used as a general drawing section by copying the cross section containing the reinforcing bar and hiding the reinforcing bar.
  • By copying the cross-sectional view containing the reinforcing bars, only the main reinforcing bars are visible, and it can be used as a main rebar assembly drawing.

Figure. 1 Copy and rename creation sections in CIM View Mode

To apply, right-click  the section name and use it in the sub window.

Figure. 2  Copied section in CIM View Mode



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