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[CAD ID] Style Setting (Drawing Style Manager)


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It is possible to change the style of the structure outline, dimension line, reinforcing bar line, and reinforcing bar annotation in the drawing created in CAD INFRA-DESIGN according to the user environment.


Here is an example of running the style manager, creating reinforcing bar annotations and changing styles.

Figure. 1 CAD INFRA-DESIGN Drawing Style Manager

Drawing Style Manager

Figure. 2 Drawing Style Manager launch window



You can select, apply, and change the 5 integrated style managers supported by
It is registered as a style suitable for the civil engineering structure general drawing and arrangement drawing style.
You can set the dimension line, symbol, line color, etc. according to your environment.
The result of applying the style is set to be suitable for MIDAS CAD ID.ctb in Plot table Style when printing a drawing.

InfraDesign_Style S01 (General Drawing None Hatch)
This configuration is applicable to the general drawing style.

InfraDesign_Style S02 (General Drawing With Hatch)
It is configured to apply a Solid Hatch when interlocking a 2D section of a general drawing.

InfraDesign_Style S03 (Rebar Drawing None Hatch)
This is a configuration applicable to the rebar drawing style.

InfraDesign_Style S04 (Rebar Drawing With Hatch)
It is configured to apply Solid Hatch to reinforcement lines.

InfraDesign_Style S05 (ISO Rebar)
It is a configuration applicable to the isometric view (ISO View).

Figure. 3 Drawing Style Manager Edit

This is a list that forms the main composition when applying the reinforced concrete structure drawing style.
Dimension and Annotation
(Define the form of the dimension line and the annotation style of the reinforcement.)
Object Style
(Defines the notation method related to concrete and reinforcing bars.)
Manages concrete and rebar line marks, line styles, hatches, etc. in the visible range.

Dimension Style 

Figure. 4 Dimension Style Manager

It has a configuration that allows you to apply and change the form of dimension lines.
As for the basic setting contents, the dimension line is applied with a red line composition and a point arrow tip,
and the text is a 1:1 standard 3 size embossed text. It is set.

Annotation > Rebar Annotation Style

Figure. 5 Rebar Annotation Style Manager

This is the manager to change the annotation style of reinforcing bars.
You can indicate the symbol, length, shape, etc. of reinforcing bars.
① It is composed of a list indicating rebar annotation symbols and applicable field codes.
② Text1, Text2, Text3
  : The area that can display the comment information of the rebar is divided into three so that
    field codes can be entered.
    You can create comments for your environment.
    In the example of explanation), the symbols of rebars used most in Korea and the number and
    spacing of rebars are displayed, and the shape of rebars is previewed It is set to be displayed.
③ You can select and apply a layer type such as the length and symbol of the leader line of the
     reinforcing bar annotation that can be displayed for each line type reinforcing bar and
     point type reinforcing bar.

Object Style > Concrete Member Style

Figure. 6 Concrete Member Style Manager

As the style manager corresponding to the outline of the cast unit, select the visibility range
setting and whether to apply the hatch, and control the hidden line processing in the 3D section.
You can control and apply concrete line style and Hatch style selectively.

Object Style > Rebar Style

Figure. 7 Rebar Style Manager

As a style manager related to reinforcing bars, you can change line styles such as notation of rebar lines in the visible range.
It supports double reinforcing bar line notation and rebar joint mark format, and in CAD INFRA-DESIGN style manager,  double rebar line mark is set as default Differentiation from existing drawings was emphasized.


Figure. 8 Comparison of CIM Model & CAD ID Drawing Creation (Pier Main Rebar)


You can create drawings in formats such as traditional 2D drawings or 3D isometric views (ISO View) by defining the drawing styles for your environment.

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