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[Drafter] How to Setting Update


It has been customized and the setting value has been changed. There is no automatic reflection.
What should I do?



If there is any change in the CIM model or if the style setting value is changed using the Style Manager,
Drafter - Update the changed contents in the drawing using the Update function.


It is not real-time update according to the changed contents, and users can update or update in bulk in consideration of work efficiency.
You can find the section you need and update it. The update  method has the following 3 methods.

Figure. 1 Update using the pull-down menu

You can update the entire drawing for the settings changed in Drafter .
CIM Drawing > Update View

Figure. 2 Update using the worktree menu

Execute Update for each section for the settings changed in Drafter.

The following example is Method-2, an example that explains the update process when changing styles for individual sections).

Figure. 3 Drafter Update method for individual sections

① Move to Properties Tab.
② Select View Box.
③ Designate the preset style and change it.

Figure. 4 Drafter Update settings window

Right-click the section name to update.
If you click Update, the content to be changed is generated.

Figure. 5 Update using the sub tree menu

This is the process of executing Update for each section for the settings changed in Drafter .
① Select View Box.
② Execute Update selected view in the sub window that appears by right-clicking the mouse.

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