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[CAD ID] How to Create a Sheet


How should I use the client's Sheet?



This is the content that registers different sheets for each ordering party and defines them so that they can be easily set and used for scale change.
To use Sheet, it is necessary to move to CAD View Mode (CAD mode) model space.


Let's see the behavior of the function through the following example.

Figure. 1 CAD View Mode, Model Space Switch Window

Move from CAD INFRA-DESIGN, CIM View Mode model space to CAD View Mode model space.
To move, double-click the cDrawing1 part of the - CAD View - Work Tree window or right-click the mouse to switch the model space.

Figure. 2 CAD Drawing environment configuration conversion

When converted to CAD View Mode  model space, the INFRA-DESIGN Tree window used in CIM View Mode is deactivated, and the CAD-based environment the available functions are activated.

The following example shows how to insert a sheet into a drawing and contain information.

Figure. 3 How to load Sheet

Load the pre-designated sheet by drag and drop it into the CAD window.
Note that in order to use according to the scale desired by the user, the sheet to be used must be set on a 1:1 basis.

Figure. 4 Sheet settings

To set the sheet, enter the sheet Command in the command window.

Figure. 5 Sheet setting method

When the dialog window is created, input in the same way as the block setting method in CAD.
① Enter the name of the Sheet object.
② Select the target of the Sheet object.
③ Designate the sheet area.
    The sheet size can be automatically detected and set, and the usercan re-specify the size as
    shown in the figure below.
④ Click OK to complete the setting.

Figure. 6 How to reset sheet area

The area of ​​the Sheet object can be set automatically, and the Auto specify Check Box in Figure.5 can be dismantled, and the user can use it by checking the area suitable for the paper size.

Figure. 7 Convert Sheet Scale settings

ㆍTo convert the scale setting of the sheet, select the sheet using the mouse and select it in the
    scale setting dialog box of Area Information > Scale Sheets in the properties setting window.
ㆍThe size of the sheet is automatically changed according to the selected scale.
ㆍIn Figure.6, the preset area contains sheet size information, so the size of symbols such as text is
    automatically changed according to the difference between inside and outside the area.


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