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[CAD ID] How to Create a 2D Drawing (Rebar Drawing)


I want to make a Rebar Drawing, what is the procedure?



You can create a customized drawing by referring to how to create a cross section using the
By Plane function in CIM and create the following rebar drawing.

With the section created in CAD INFRA-DESIGN, it is detailed by adding the title of the drawing, dimension lines, reinforcing bar annotations, symbols, etc.


For example, you can :

Figure. 1 Section configuration

① Select the section to be used in CIM View.
    (If you double-click the section name in the CIM View Work Tree window, the section is selected
     and zoomed in.)
② Left-click the View Box and drag to select it.
③ Find the reinforcing bar No. to match the purpose of the rebar drawing (section view or
     main rebar assembly drawing) and configure the reinforcing bar to be shown and hidden.
    (For On / Off of rebar, if you select the section view window,
     the rebar list appears in the Object dialog box, and you can turn on/off the check box.)

Figure. 2 Application of Style

This is the process of selecting a style registered in CAD INFRA-DESIGN.
① Drag the View Box to select it.
② Find the registered style name in the Style item and select it.
    In (Example of explanation) InfraDesign_Style S03 (Rebar Drawing None Hatch) was selected
    and applied.

Figure. 3 Style applied Update

If there is a change such as style, right-click on the CIM View section name to display the Update dialog box.
If you select the Update item, the drawing changes are generated and updated.

Figure. 4 Rebar annotation input method

ㆍHow to create reinforcing bar annotations is INFRA-DESIGN > Object Show/Hide  >
    Rebar Annotation Show/Hide Select Rebar Annotation Show/Hide or enter the shortcut RAA.
ㆍRebar annotation creation options can be applied by selecting (Show/Hide) in the
    Command window.
ㆍIn Rebar Annotation Show/Hide (Turning on/off the rebar annotation object), the placement
    of rebar annotations is basically between rebar annotations.
    Rebar annotations are automatically placed through the avoidance function.
On/Off of annotations for each reinforcing bar object can be turned on/off by selecting the
    View Box and then expanding the rebar tree in Object > Rebar.

Figure. 5 Move and align rebar annotations

To move the rebar annotation, 3 points are displayed when you select the rebar annotation.
1st Point : You can change the position of the rebar annotation.
2nd Point : You can move the rebar annotation.
3rd Point : You can change the direction of rebar annotation.
To align rebar annotations, select INFRA-DESIGN  >Annotation align or Enter the shortcut command
(The execution method is alignment by executing the alignment function and drawing a line with the two points to be aligned.)

Figure. 6 Create additional sections

In addition to the cross-section creation method using By Plane in CIM, CAD INFRA-DESIGN also includes You can create additional sections.
In the example of the description), a cross section of the column was additionally created..
Reference Link [CAD INFRA-DESIGN] Add View Cutting (Cutting from the created section to create an additional section)

Figure. 7 Composition of Drawings(Rebar Drawing)

ㆍCreate a section to be drawn with reference to Fig.1 ~ Fig.6
    In (Example of explanation), the pier front view, side view, coping plan, and column /
    foundation plan were drawn.
Go to the CAD View Drawing model space and configure the Sheet to use.
    Reference link [CAD INFRA-DESIGN] How to Create a Sheet
ㆍ In the example in Fig. 7), the Sheet applied in the general drawing method was copied
    and applied.
    (Drag & drop the section in the CIM View model space and place it on the Sheet.)
ㆍCreate a drawing by placing the section according to the user drawing configuration, and
    adding the title and symbol of the drawing.

Figure. 8 Figure. 8 Arrangement rebar drawing with dimension lines

ㆍDimension lines can be created by selecting INFRA-DESIGN  > Dimension > Linear Dimension
    or You can use it by entering the shortcut command LD
ㆍAlso, CAD View Mode In the model space, CAD-based dimension lines can be easily inserted
    for drawing by inserting dimension lines.
    Dimension lines placed in CAD View Mode model space do not respond to changes due to
    model changes.
    Dimension lines to respond to model changes must be created in CIM View Mode model space.

Figure. 9 Example of use of View Box

For the section created in CIM View Mode, the View Box is automatically created and main items
    such as the section name, current style, and scale are displayed.
A View Box is created in the CAD View Mode space for drawing configuration, but it exists only as a
    Poly Line component.
ㆍ It is recommended to adjust the size of the View Box to check the section information or to
    use it by changing the Defpoints component layer that is not output.

Figure. 10 Saving and opening drawing files

Drawings are saved and managed in the CIM file.
ㆍEven when opening only CAD INFRA-DESIGN, *.cimz files with drawing information are
    opened by opening *.cimz files.
    You can check the contents of the drawing.
ㆍThe file saving extension of CAD INFRA-DESIGN is *.mdwg.
ㆍTo save for compatibility with Autocad, right-click on the CAD View drawing name to export or
    It is possible to save with the Export function of CAD INFRA-DESIGN> File, and the existing *.dwg
    file is the same as Autocad. You can open and work with drawings.
Drawings made by importing existing drawings are not linked with CIM.


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