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[Execution] Korean language usage in Civil


I'm wondering if I can use Korean in Civil.



For standardization of technical terms in practical use, only the English version is provided in midas Civil. Therefore, it is recommended to use English when entering various names. However, Korean can be used, and the program requires a smooth environment setup depending on the user's PC environment.

1. Check the FAQ for errors related to Korean input or character corruption when Korean input is entered by following the process. [Execute] Error Contents: Korean Input Error / Character Corruption when Korean Input is entered

2. If the same problem occurs even after following the above process, refer to the following FAQ: [Execute] Windows Authentication Method.

If the same problem persists even after following the above steps, check the Windows version on your PC. The software of the MIDAS product you are currently using is the Korean (KR) version. As mentioned above, Civil does not provide a Korean version, but this simply means the language within the program, not the version of the software. If the user's PC version of Windows is different, errors may occur in Korean input within the MIDAS program. In this case, Windows needs to be changed to the KR version for use.

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