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[CIM/Construction] Guide to using Construction Animation


Can construction animation be configured in CIM?



Construction animation can be created by utilizing the Construction Animation function of Construction Mode.


By utilizing the construction animation function, models created in CIM can be animated according to the work type and schedule.
o create a Construction Animation, you need to go through a three-step process.

1. Object Structure Settings
- This is the process of entering the structure (type of work) into the modeled object.
  Structure input method
   Using the Work Type (Preliminary Step for Quantity Calculation)  /
Library assignment method including work type information

2. Construction Task Settings
- Enter the construction period for each structure previously set, and set events such as creating / deleting
  objects within the period.

3. Construction Scene Settings
-Based on the Event set in the Construction Task, Show / Hide scenes can be displayed, and scenes
  such as Move / Rotate can be created by date.

When the Construction Scene setting is completed, you can check the work done through the Construction Animation function as an animation.

Step 1. Input Structure to the modeled object.
Since construction animation targets objects for which structure settings have been completed, you must enter the structure of the object to be used for construction animation work.


The structure input method used in the video is as follows.
① Earthwork model modeled in Base Mode : Directly enter the structure into the object
② Point Library pier model: Input using Structure Matching when assigning Base Mode.
    (Library assignment method including work type information )


Step 2. Enter Construction Mode and set Construction Task.
Enter the start date and end date according to the structure classification set in Step 1., and set events such as creation / deletion of objects within the period.


The order of the videos is as follows.
① Set the start date and end date of the top level structure.
② Set the start date and end date of the lower level structure, and select and add the event date
     and type of the object included in the structure.
   - The period of the lower level structure can be set only within the period of the
      upper level structure.
   - Event Type includes Create and Remove.


Step 3. Set the Construction Scene.
You can check the Show / Hide scene of an object based on the Create / Remove Event set with the Construction Task function, and you can create a scene such as Move or Rotate by selecting an object.

Finally, in Construction Animation, set the time, timing, and effect for each scene and check the created animation.

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