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[CIM/Feature & Edit] I want to increase the shape of the 3D model.


I want to change the model (shape) by utilizing the 3D CAD function.



Among the methods using the 3D CAD function, the model can be changed by using the Fit Face function.

As shown in the following figure, it is a method to maintain the changing aspect of the cross section when trying to extend the model from the starting point to the end point.

As an explanation of the Fit Face function, we recommend the following method.

1. If the created model is a Member object, extract it to create a Body object, then delete or hide the
   existing Member object.  (Top [Feature] tab > [Extract]) 

2. Select the top [Edit] tab > [Fit Face]. For Select Target, select the side you want to increase, and for Method,
    select Define Plane.

3. For Define Plane, select Plane by Offset, select the face selected in step 2 again, and enter the length to extend.

In the example above, it was guided by specifying the offset length, but depending on the method setting, you can extend it to other previously created faces or to directly defined faces, and you can find and select the method that suits the model you want to create.


Additionally, please note that if you set the fit face reference plane too far away, the object will not be created because the cross section after the point where the two vertex meet is not defined as shown in the figure below. 

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