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I want to modify the local axis of an element.


I want to modify the local axis of an element.



You can modify it using the 'Change Element Parameters' function.

[Node/Element] Tab > [Elements] Group > Change Element Parameters


 In CIVIL, the connection status of an Element is determined based on its Local Axis, and the member forces and stresses of the Element are output based on its Local Axis. Therefore, to perform accurate analysis, the Local Axes of the Elements must be properly aligned.

Appropriate element connection Inappropriate element connection
(Different local axis direction of the topmost element)
Method to check element's local axis

 By checking the 'Local Axis' option in [View] Tab > [Display] Group > Display, Local Axis can be checked. 


 Since the Local Axis of an Element is automatically determined by the creating order and direction, it is necessary to check whether the Local Axis of the structure is properly aligned after modeling. If it is not appropriate, you need to manually modify the Local Axis.

 The 'Change Element Parameters' function is used to modify the properties of Elements. It includes three functions: Elements Local Axis, Reverse Element Local, and Align Element Local, which can be used to modify the Local Axis of Elements.

  • Elements Local Axis
    - Rotates the y and z axis based on the x axis of the Local axis for the selected element.

  • Reverse Element Local
    - Changes the x axis of Local Axis in the opposite direction for the selected Element.

  • Align Element Local
    - This function aligns the Local Axis of the selected element to be the same as the Local Axis of the reference element.
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