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[CIM/Rebar] Among the rebar modeling inquiries, is there a difference in rebar modeling for each library mode?


This is a rebar modeling inquiry.
Is there a difference between modeling rebars while the Point Library model is assigned in Assembly Unit Mode and modeling rebars directly in the Point Library model?



When a Point or Curve Library model is assigned to the upper mode Base Mode / Assembly Unit Mode, rebar modeling cannot be performed directly on the assigned model, and rebar modeling can be performed directly on the shape model created in each mode.


First of all, rebars cannot be directly placed in the assigned Library within Assembly Unit Mode. 
The reason is that it is not possible to designate the target member of the rebar.

The characteristic of Assembly Unit Mode is that it consists of a space where each library is combined and modeled.

In order to perform rebar modeling directly in Assembly Unit Mode, rebar modeling is possible only for members created with
Path Linked Entity in Assembly Unit Mode or members created with Member (General / Concrete) in the menu.
Other reinforcing bar models must be created directly in Base Mode or in each Library Mode.

Therefore, I will compare the creation of rebars in Base Mode and the creation of rebars in Library Mode.

If you create rebars in advance in the submode and assign them to the alignment, since the rebar information is included in the submode, even if there is a change in the location / arrangement / standard of the library, the rebar information responds according to the change as shown below.


However, when rebars are created directly in Base Mode, the information on rebars is assigned based on the state in which objects in the lower mode are assigned,
so if there are changes in the location/arrangement/standards of the library, the rebars do not respond to changes as shown below. and will be deleted.


Although it has the advantage of being able to intuitively create reinforcing bars after the model configuration and shape are completed in Base Mode.
If the configuration and shape of the model are not finalized, it is recommended to create rebars within each library mode.

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