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Graphic Files


  • Save the graphic data of the Model Window into an AutoCAD DXF, DWG, BMP or EMF file.



From the main menu, select [File] > [Graphic Files]



When you execute the Graphic Files function, a dialog box is called up so that the user can save the file in the desired file format.

Enter a file name, select a file type and click on the Save button to generate a new file.

Graphic Files dialog box


Windows Meta File has the advantage of maintaining a clean image regardless of magnifying or reducing the scale, but it takes a long time to process for complex images. When outputting Windows Meta File in the post-processing stage, it is desirable to avoid using the 'Gradient Fill' function as much as possible.

Bitmap files may suffer some image degradation when magnifying or reducing the scale, but the processing time remains constant depending on the size of the file, regardless of the complexity of the content. Therefore, it is desirable to choose the appropriate file format for your purpose.

You can choose a file format as . (All Files), *.emf (EMF Files), *.bmp (BMP Files), *.jpg (JPEG Files), *.dxf (DXF Files), *.dwg (DWG Files). When you set the save format to *.dxf, it internally generates EMF files (*emf) and converts them to DXF files using the 'Convert Meta Files to DXF Files' function.


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