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Rendering Option


  • Control various Light Options to handle the model shading. In Render View Mode, perform various View Manipulation tasks for Walk Through Effect.



From the main menu, select [View] tab > [Display] group > [Rendering Option]



dialog box.png

Fig. Rendering Option



The position of the light source can be adjusted by clicking and dragging within the image area of the dialog box.

Light On : Check whether to use shadow effects

Specular Light On : Check whether to use specular reflection effects

NOTE.png Specular relection effects can distinctively distort contour colors in Postprocessing Mode.

Ambient : Uniformly control the brightness of all the faces of the model, regardless of the position of the light source.

Diffuse : Control the brightness of the object so that the face perpendicular to the light source becomes brighter.

Spec. Refl. : Control the specular reflection effects so that the part where reflected light coincides with, becomes shining. As the specular component is white light by default, the color of the part on which the light is reflected is close to white.

Shiness : Control the intensity of the specular component. A larger value represents a wider range of the part applied with the specular component.


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