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  • Using the functionality of Arch Wizard, an arch structure consisting of multiple beam elements located on a series of arches is automatically generated.



From the main menu, select [Structure] tab > [Base Model] group > [Base Structures] > [Arch]




Structure-Wizard-Base Structures-Arch-InputEdit.png

Fig. Input / Edit dialog box



Select an arch shape (circle, parabola at an equal projected spacing, parabola at an equal spacing, ellipse at an equal projected spacing, catenary at an equal projected spacing, and catenary at an equal spacing)


Number of Segments

Enter the number of segments in the arch.


Boundary Condition

Select the support conditions (Pin, Fix, or None) at both nodal ends of the arch.



Enter the horizontal projected length of the arch.



Enter the height of the arch.


- When the Arch Type is a Circle

R : Radius of the circle

theta : Angle of rotation

- When the Arch Type is a Circle

Span (L) : Radius of the circle

Height (H) : Angle of rotation

Coeff. : m value of Catenary equation

NOTE.png Catanary equation




  is ½ span


Show Element No.

Display the element numbers of the generated arch.



Enter the material property to be used.

Click ....png to add a new material property or modify an existing material property.



Enter the section to be used.

Click ....png to add a new section or modify an existing section.



Structure-Wizard-Base Structures-Arch-Insert.png

Fig. Insert dialog box


Insert Point

Enter the coordinates of the insert point where the origin point of the created arch will be located in the existing model with respect to the GCS (UCS).

Alternatively, click the entry field and click the position of the insert point in the working window to enter the desired coordinates rather than typing in the entry field.



Enter the rotational angles, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, that will define the orientation of the arch in GCS X, Y, and Z respectively.


Merge Duplicate Nodes

Select the option to merge overlapping nodes between the existing model and the nodes pertaining to the newly created arch.

....png : Set a tolerance for merging nodes.


Intersect Frame Elements

If the elements of the existing model come in contact with the newly generated arch at its nodes through the Arch Wizard feature, the decision to split the existing elements at the contact point is made.

....png : Set an intersecting tolerance to allow for the division of elements.


Origin Point

Set the origin point of the newly created arch. This point is displayed in red in the Wizard Window.

Show No. : Display the node numbers making up the created arch.

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