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Steel Bridge Created Edited

Construction Stage

Construction Stage


Construction Stage

Check to activate and define the construction stages.

Deck Pouring Sequence : Check to activate the deck pouring sequences. If checked Deck pouring sequence, deck concrete is not poured for the entire bridge at the same time.

Deck Stage :  Stage in which selected deck sections are activated in. This Deck Stage is not the same stage as in the global construction stage. Also, the deck stage number must start from 1 and increase by 1 only.

Duration : Duration of the construction stage in days.

Deck List : Decks that are available to be activated in the selected stage.

Set Deck List : Decks to be activated in the selected stage.

NOTE.png 중간지점 개수에 따라 지정 가능한 Construction Stage 개수와 Deck List가 자동으로 생성. (ex. 중간지점 2개 → Construction Stage : 1~5, Deck List : D1~5)


Advanced : Specify to define asymmetrical negative moment zone lengths for the left and right sides from the support.

Negative-moment zone length : Length of the negative moment zone in all support. A half of the Negative-moment zone length are assigned to each left and right sides from the support. This length is based on the deck split length for the deck pouring sequence stages.

NOTE.png The length entered here corresponds to the length of the section for D2, D4, D6, etc. in the segmental construction.


If selected, the length of the negative moment zone can be applied differently for each intermediate segment.


Long Term Boundary Group...

All frame type, when Multiple Modulus of Elasticity which is a modular ratio of 3n to account in an approximate way for the effect of concrete creep is defined in Section Data > Composite section, stiffness scale factor is created accordingly with Composite section, then new Boundary Group is generated. When this option is checked, selected boundary group to be used throughout the long term effect construction sequence. In other modeling types (All Plate, Deck as Plate, Deck & Web as Plate modeling type), it is disabled.



Define Reinforcement... : Check to define the longitudinal and shear reinforcements for the deck.

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