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Structure Group


  • Define (create, modify & delete) structure group names to which specific nodes and elements are later assigned.
  • In a relatively complicated model for a complex structure, grouping specific elements (ie, saving selection of certain elements) becomes handy when the groups of elements are to be repeatedly selected. Using the structure group names, can we then select (Select Identity) or activate (Active Identity) frequently used element groups. Structure groups are especially dedicated to Construction Stage analysis (of a sequential bridge construction) where each part of the total structure erected in each stage needs to be identified as a different structure from those of other stages.
  • Structure groups can be defined in Define Structure Group first. Next, the desired nodes and elements can be selected in the Group tab of the Tree Menu and assigned to the groups by Drag & Drop.



From the main menu, select  [Project] tab > [Group] group > [Group] > [Structure Group]

Shortcut key: [Ctrl]+[F1]



Structure-Group-BLT-Define Structure Group.png

Fig. Define Structure Group dialog box



Enter the name of a structure group to be created, modified, or deleted.

NOTE.png When a PSC box bridge is modeled by the use of Bridge Wizard of MIDAS/CIVIL. the name of the auto-generated Structure Groups are as follows : 

  • ILM Bridge Model Wizard
     Nose: Launching nose(activated at Construction Stage CS1)
     Segment: n th segment(activated at Construction Stage CSn)
     Bridge Girder: All the main girders except for the launching nose.

  • FCM Bridge Wizard
     Segmentm-n: n th segment of the m th pier from the left(activated at Construction Stage CSn+1)
     Segmentm-0: Pier Table of the n th pier, except for the pier itself(activated at Construction Stage
     Pierm: m th main girder from the left in the FSM zone.
     Key Segm: m th Key Seg. from the left.
     FSMm: m the main girder from the left in the FSM zone.
     Key Segall: All the Key Segs. Applied to FCM Camber Control.
     Bridge Girder: All the main girders except for the piers but including the pier tables.
     SupportNode: Connecting nodes for the buttress support conditions and the PSC box sections on
     the Piers, which are used in FCM Camber Control.

  • MSS/FSM Bridge Wizard
     CSn: Main girders activated at the n th construction stage
     Bridge Girder: All the bridge girders


The Suffix entry field is provided for the convenience of creating a number of related group names simultaneously. This is mainly used to generate changing interim structures pertaining to multiple construction stages.

Group Sorting

, : Sort in ascending/descending alphanumeric order

, : The selected group moves up/down one position in the list. The use of [Ctrl] or [Shift] key permits multi-selection.


The entered structure group is created. The structure groups as many as defined in the Suffix entry field are simultaneously created.



The designated structure group name is modified.



Selected structure group names are deleted. The use of [Ctrl] or [Shift] key permits multi-selection.


Delete Inv

All the structure groups on the list are deleted except for the selected groups. The use of [Ctrl] or [Shift] key permits multi-selection.



Close the Define Structure Group dialog box.

Structure-Group-BLT-Define Structure Group-structure.png

Fig. Group tab


Use the Group tab of the Tree Menu to assign nodes and elements to the defined Structure Groups.

First, select the nodes and elements to be assigned to a group using the Selection functions. Next, drag and drop the structure group name to which the selected nodes and elements will be assigned from the Tree Menu to the Model Window. Once properly assigned, the numbers of nodes and elements belonging to the structure group are indicated in the Group Tree.

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