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Tendon Group


  • Define (add, modify & delete) Tendon Group names to which specific tendons are later assigned. Tendons in a Tendon Group are related in terms of their locations and structural functionality.
  • Once Tendon Groups are defined, the coordinates, stresses and prestress losses of tendons can be checked by Tendon Groups. When defining Tendon Profile, select a previously defined Tendon Group.



From the main menu, select [Project] tab > [Group] group > [Group] > [Tendon Group]



Structure-Group-BLT-Define Tendon Group.png

Fig. Define Tendon Group dialog box



Enter the name of a Tendon Group to be created, modified or deleted.



The Suffix entry field is provided for the convenience of creating a number of related group names simultaneously.


Group Sorting

, : Sort in ascending/descending alphanumeric order

, : The selected group moves up/down one position in the list. The use of [Ctrl] or [Shift] key permits multi-selection.



The entered Tendon Group is created. The Tendon Groups as many as defined in the Suffix entry field are simultaneously created.



The designated Tendon Group name is modified.



Selected Tendon Group names are deleted.


Delete Inv

All the Tendon Groups on the list except for the selected groups are deleted. The use of [Ctrl] key permits multi-selection.



Close the Define Tendon Group dialog box.

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