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[GEN/Analysis] What is the Reason for the may be Singular Warning that Occurs during Modeling?


What is the reason for the may be singular warning that occurs during modeling?



The lower support point of the steel tower structure is connected with a pin joint. In this case, there is no support that restrains the vertical rotation (Rz direction) of the vertical member. This leads to the occurrence of the error.

The solution is to fix the lower support, or use the Model > Boundaries > Point Spring Supports feature to constrain the vertical rotation by entering some value for the SRz direction.

You can input a certain value for SRz direction to provide restraint for vertical rotation, thus resolving the warning easily.

In other cases as well, identifying the direction (refer to Figure 2) for which the Singular Error is occurring and checking the restraint status for that direction is the quickest way to resolve this warning.

              [Image] Analysis Model  [Image] Support type          [Image] Point Spring Supports

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