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[GEN/Analysis]How Can Boundary Conditions be manually Input during the Construction Phase?


What is the method for manually inputting boundary conditions during the construction phase?



In order to achieve consistent results between cases where the diaphragm is automatically generated using the "Model > Building > Story" feature and cases where a diaphragm is manually specified using Rigid Links, it's essential that the six degrees of freedom remain the same.

This means the DX, DY, and RZ components of the Rigid Link's degrees of freedom.

Case 1) If there's a slab across the entire story and the story diaphragm is automatically generated using "Model > Building > Story," the method for manually inputting the diaphragm during the construction phase is as follows:

1. Create a Boundary Condition Group (Model>Group>Define Boudary Group)

2. In Compose Construction Stage, combine the construction phase with the boundary condition group and activate it. This will apply the diaphragm input for the 2nd story to the corresponding construction stage.

3. Verify the status of the diaphragm applied in the specific construction phase in the Model View.

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