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[Gen/Design]What are the Wind/Seismic Load Criteria and RC Design Criteria Supported by Gen?


What are the criteria for wind loads and seismic loads supported by Gen, and how are the load combination selections and design criteria for concrete design determined?



The architectural structure standard refers to the standards for the structural design of buildings and civil structures.

These standards were developed in accordance with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's policy of revising the structural rules and standards for buildings to improve the excessive detail of various structural design standards that had been operated through orders and notifications, and the lack of legal basis, and to establish a rapid acceptance system in response to the development of architectural technology.

The architectural structure standards have been unified under KDS standards since KBC2016.

The concrete structural design standard (KCI, Korea Concrete Institute) is a structural design standard for concrete established by the Korea Concrete Institute in 1999, and revised in 2003, 2007, 2012, and 2016.

There are four standards: KCI-USD99, KCI-UDS03, KCI-USD07, KCI-USD12, and KDS41 30:2018.

 [Image] Wind Load Input Dialog                                              [Image] Seismic Load Input Dialog 


[Image] Steel Load Combinations                           [Image] Concrete Load Combinations


[Image] SRC Load Combinations                       [Image] Aluminum Load Combinations


[Image] Concrete Design Criteria                                                   [Image] Steel Design Criteria

[Image] SRC Design Criteria                              [Image] Cold-Formed Steel Design Criteria

**Aluminum design review is supported in midas Design+.

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