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[GEN/Design]How to Calculate Moments by Moment Redistribution Factor


How to Calculate Moments by Moment Redistribution Factor?



To apply the redistribution factor in the program, there are certain conditions that need to be satisfied. If these conditions are met, the method involves reducing the magnitude of the moments in order to achieve redistribution.

1. Conditions for Applying Redistribution Factor

1) Applicable only under Dead Load (DL) and Live Load (LL) conditions.

2) RC beam members

3) At least one of the two end moments must be a negative moment

4) The member's ends should be supported by fixed supports, columns, diagonals (Braces), or walls from the bottom.

2. Calculation method

1) In the case of both ends have negative moments:

2) In the case of positive moment at the i-end and negative moment at the j-end:

3) In the case of negative moment at the i-end and positive moment at the j-end:

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