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[Gen/Design]When Designing a Cantilevered Member with a Variable Cross-Section is Not Working


The design of the cantilever beam with a variable cross-section is not working.



You should use the Haunched Beam design option to design the beam.

Currently, the Haunched Beam Assignment option is only available when the member is divided into three parts. Part A and Part C should be selected as variable cross-section beam parts, while Part B should be chosen as a regular beam part in order to enable the design.

[Image] Incorrect modeling                                           [Image] Modeling with the Haunched Beam option

[Image] Haunched Beam modeling

The Haunched Beam Assignment function is used when a single haunched beam consists of multiple line elements. It is utilized to designate these line elements as a single Haunched Beam.

You can access this option by going to the Main Menu and selecting 'Design > General Design Parameter > Haunched Beam Assignment'.

By clicking 'Design > Concrete Code Design > Haunched Beam Design' in the Main Menu, you will be able to confirm the design results, as shown in Image 4 below.

[Image] Haunched Beam Design Results


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