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When inelastic shear-related nonlinear time history analysis is interrupted


When performing nonlinear time history analysis, the message 'inelastic shear component is equal to 0.0~' appears, and the analysis is interrupted.



The message you've inquired about can occur in an analysis model where shear hinges are defined, and there are three common reasons for this

Check to see if any of the following apply to your model, and try modifying your model.

1) When shear deformation of the cross section is not considered (Image A)

2) If section dance is '0' or section width is '0' (Image A)

3) If the amount of shear steel in a hoop or stirrup is '0', etc. (Image B)


Here is a detailed explanation with an illustration.

1) The case where the shear deformation of the cross section is not considered.(Image A)

▶After checking on Properties > Section to consider the shear deformation of the section, the analysis should proceed normally.

 2) If the cross-sectional dance is '0' or if the cross-sectional width is '0', i.e. if shear is entered in the small cross-section dummy member. (ImageA)

▶ Delete that member, or delete the hinge that was entered for that member, and the analysis will proceed normally.

[Image A]

3) The case where the shear reinforcement in hoops or stirrups is equal to '0'.

▶ If you correctly set the diameter and spacing for shear reinforcement in the 'Modify Rebar Data' dialog box and then perform the analysis, the analysis should proceed without any issues.

[Image B]


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