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[GEN/View]Viewing the Entire Building Shape When Activating Arbitrary Member


Is there a way to see which part of a building a single member belongs to when activating it?



You can use the Display Option > Draw > Inactivated Object feature to determine which part of a building a single element belongs to when activating it.

When you select and activate a single member , it appears as follows

[Image-1] Selecting and Activating a Single Member

If you want to know which part of the building this member belongs to, use the Display Option > Draw > Inactivated Object feature.

By checking Show Element and Node on the right, it will display inactive elements and nodes as well


                    [Image-2] Inactivated Object Settings                                                     [Image-3] Inactivated Object Settings

In Model View, you can zoom out using the mouse wheel to see where the element is located within the entire building. However, if you want the inactive elements to fit within the view from the beginning, you can select Including Zoom Fit as an option. This will ensure that even the inactive elements are fitted within the view, as shown in the following images


                    [Image-4] Inactivated Object Settings                                                    [Image-5] Selecting Including Zoom Fit

Note that the color of inactive members is the color you specify in Element>Inactive on the Color tab.

[Image-6] Inactive Color Setting

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