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[GEN/View]How to Use Consistent Use of Configured Component Colors and Font Information on Different Computers


Is it possible to use the component color and font settings configured in Display on another computer?



Yes, you can. The component color and font settings configured in Display can be saved to a file in the Color tab of Display Options and then loaded onto another computer.

Save : This option allows you to save the configured Display information to a file (Filename.color).

Load : You can load the saved file to update the Display information for your model on another computer.

Additional Tip: Please note that the Display information configured in Display Options is not saved with the model file but is stored in the Registry of the user's computer.
Therefore, the configured Display information applies to all models loaded on that specific computer. If you load the same model on a different computer, the Display settings won't be automatically applied.
To use the same Display settings on another computer, follow the steps mentioned above: Save the settings to a file, load the file on your computer, and then apply the settings.

[Image-1] Save Display information such as background color, component colors, and font settings to an arbitrary location (Filename.color)

[Image-2] Load the saved file (Filename.color) and click Apply

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