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[GEN/View]How to Set an Element Color


How do I change the color of a model?



You can change the Element Color in Display Option > Draw to any color in Display Option > Color by specifying how you want the element to appear on the screen.

[Image 1] Setting Element Color


1. Global Color : Apply the color specified in 'Global' on the Color tab

[Image 2] Model View when Global Colol is selected

2. Element Type Color : Apply color specified by element type such as Truss and Beam on Color tab

[Image 3] Model View when Element Type Color is selected

3. Material Color: Apply the color specified in Material on the Color tab

[Figure 4] Selecting a Material Color in Model View

4. Property Color : Use the color specified in Section or Thickness on the Color tab

- The file must have a Section or Thickness to be listed

- Can be specified by section and thickness

[Image 5] Selecting a Property Color in the Model View

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