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[GEN/View]How to Change the Background Image of the Render View


Is it possible to change the background image in the Render View?



The currently displayed image is in the \Midas Gen\sky.ppm file. If you want to change it to another image, you can update the sky.ppm file with the image you want to use. Here are the steps to make the change

1. Save the image you want to change as a sky.ppm file using an image conversion program.

2. Overwrite the existing sky.ppm file in the \Midas Gen folder with your newly created sky.ppm file.

3. When you activate View > Render View, you will see the updated image.

*You can also change the ground.ppm file using the same method.

                                                [Image-1] Before                                                                      [Image-2] After 

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