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[GEN/View]How to Differentiate and Display Floor Load Colors


I want to apply colors to Floor Load and check them in the Model View.



The color of Floor Loads can be changed in Display Option > Color tab under Floor Load Type.

In this case, Display Option > Draw tab should have "Load Type Color" selected in the Floor Load Color section. When viewing the entire model, even when Hidden is turned on or off, Floor Loads may not be visible.

[Image-1] When "Outline" is selected in the Hidden Option (Undeformed Shape)


[Image-2] Load Display Settings Window 

[Image-3] Floor Load Color Settings Window

When Hidden is turned off, Floor Loads appear only in the color of the Wire Frame, as shown in the image below. When Hidden is turned on, they appear in the colors of Hidden Fill and Hidden Edge.
The color displayed as Hidden Fill can be adjusted for transparency using the Blending function.


                          [Image-4] Frame Thickness Off                                                          [Image-5] Plane Thickness On

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