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[GEN/View]The Reason for the Reversed Beam Diagram Shape


I've entered the loads, but the Beam Diagram is appearing in reverse. What is the reason?



The program has a function that allows you to draw Beam Diagrams or Shear Diagrams in reverse.

By checking the option "Display Option > Draw > Inverse Beam Diagram/Inverse Shear Diagram," the diagrams will be displayed in the opposite direction.
If the option is unchecked, the Shear Force Diagram will draw negative values at the bottom of the member and positive values at the top, and the Beam Moment Diagram will draw positive values at the bottom of the member and negative values at the top, as shown in the image below.

[Image-1] Display Option의 Draw Tab

[Image-2] Beam/Wall Diagram Check : Off

[Image-3] Draw Tab of Display Option

[Image-4] Beam/Wall Diagram Check : On

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