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[GEN/Result]The Meaning of the Value Displayed When Checking 'Yield Point' in Plate Stress After Material Nonlinear Analysis


What does it mean to check 「Yield Point」 in the Stress Diagram display for a plate element when performing a material nonlinear analysis?



This option becomes active during material nonlinear analysis, and if the analysis results exceed the Initial Uniaxial Yield Stress defined for Plastic Material, a Hinge is displayed at the Gauss Points.

The description of Gauss Point is as follows.
The Yield Point output for the plate element is a laminated shell model with seven layers in the thickness direction to realize the material nonlinear analysis function of the plate element, and the Gauss Point is applied from the bottom surface to the top surface using "0, 1" as a method to determine the yielding state, and "0" indicates the elastic state and "1" indicates the yielding state." The expression method for rectangular and triangular elements is the same.

[Image-1] Yield Point Check

[Image-2] Gauss Point


                                                    [Image-3] Rectangular Elements                                     [Image-4] Triangle Elements

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