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[GEN/Design]If the message "Invalid Dimension or Area of Section for Design" Appears during Members Design


When performing automatic design for the attached file's apartment lintel beam WB1 in GEN, I receive an error message saying "Error Checking Result: Invalid Dimension or Area of Section for Design."


The member in question is a 150x1500 lintel beam. The error message you received, indicates that the required section size for design has not been provided.

If the distance from the surface to the center of the main reinforcement (dT and dB) is not input (i.e., set to 0), the software will automatically apply either 63.5 mm or the larger of H/10, within a range not exceeding 76.2 mm. In this case, since the dimensions of placing reinforcement in a 150 mm width cannot be determined, the error arises.

To resolve this issue, go to "Design > Concrete Design Parameter > Design Criteria for Rebars." Click on it and input dT and dB values. You can input the value of 55 mm, which is the sum of cover thickness (40 mm), stirrup thickness (10 mm), and half of the main reinforcement diameter (10/2 mm). This should resolve the error.

[Image] Design Criteria for Rabers

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