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[GEN/Design]Why is the Ratio Balue of the Steel Member Code Checking Results Larger than 1.xx?


When designing a steel structure with the material set to GB03(S), for a specific member, the Ratio value exceeds 1.xx and results in a significant NG (Not Good) outcome. What could be the problem?



In the case of steel structures, the design strength values of the steel material are determined based on the thickness of the members.

For GB material, the design strength values are provided only for thicknesses less than 100mm. If the thickness exceeds this limit, the value of Fy is set to a value close to 0 (depending on the unit system), resulting in an NG outcome.

Upon examining the model, it appears that the thickness of the web/flange of the section exceeds 100mm, leading to an NG outcome during the design process. To achieve a proper design, you need to reduce the section's thickness or use a user-defined material.

[Image] Section Data


[Image] Before Modification


[Image] After Modification

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