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[GEN/Design]When Load Combinations are created But the message 'No Load Combinations for Member Design' Appears during Structural Member Design


I've created load combinations, but when I try to perform the design, it says there are no load combinations. Could you please help me understand the reason?

[ When I try to DESIGN a concrete member in the GEN file, it says there is no LOAD COMBINATION, and the DESIGN does not work. And when I UPDATE REBAR for a member called TG1 and enter the rebar, but when I run BEAM CHECKING, there is nothing entered in the member. This is not only in this GEN file, but also in other files. ]

[Image] Error Message



In order to perform design in the program, you need to create load combinations.

Load combinations are created in Result > Load Combination. Load combinations created in the General tab will not be considered in the design. Therefore, if you intend to perform design, you should create load combinations in the Steel tab, Concrete tab, and SRC tab.

[Image] Load Combinations


If you have already created load combinations in the Steel tab, Concrete tab, and SRC tab and you still encounter the message that there are no load combinations when trying to perform the design, it's likely because you have selected a member that requires the application of special seismic loads but haven't created load combinations for those special seismic loads.

   [Image] Member Designation for Seismic Design

   [Image] Applying Special Seismic Loads


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