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[GEN/File]How to Convert a 3D Model to AutoCAD Data


I would like to edit and create drawings in AutoCAD by working on a 3D model created in GEN (ADS).



In GEN (ADS), there is a feature to convert a 3D model to an AutoCAD DXF file. Here's how you can convert a 3D model to AutoCAD DXF.


[Image] Execute AutoCAD DXF File


1. In the main menu of GEN (ADS), go to File > Export > AutoCAD DXF File...

Choose Option II and select "Center Line + Shape." Then, click "Export" to save the file to your desired folder.

2. Open the saved DXF file in the AutoCAD program.

3. Activate the 3D view in AutoCAD (e.g., View > 3D Views > SW Isometric).

4. If you need to work with drawings such as Cross-Sections, Dimensions, Levels, and Text, you can switch to AutoCAD files as shown above.

[Image] 3D model in GEN

[Image] AutoCAD 3D view

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