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[GEN/Result]How to Not Print the Date and Time When Printing a Report


Is it possible to prevent the date and time from being displayed when generating a report?



In the MIDAS/Text Editor program, you can exclude the date and time from being displayed when printing a report.

To do this, open the MIDAS/Text Editor program. In the upper menu bar (File Edit View Window Help), you will see a row of icons from left to right: New, Open, Save, Print, Print Preview, Heading Footing. Click on the Heading Footing icon.

A pop-up window called "Header & Footer Setup" will appear. Under the "Footer Setup" section, uncheck the "Print Date" and "Print Page Number" options. This will prevent the date and page number from appearing in the output.

[Image-1] MIDAS/Text Editor Program Window

[Image-2] Heading Footing

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